Why Learn Guitar Scales?

On one level, they are a technical exercise – something to get your pick and fingering coordinated. Done correctly, they should reinforce your knowledge of notes on the fingerboard. Being a physical exercise, they should also help you to develop speed, strength and endurance. [Read more…]

Song Composition for the Jazz Guitar

There has always been a controversy over the issue of writing a melody first or a chord progression first or both simultaneously. Ultimately, good writers create the melody and the chord progression co dependently, But when you’re beginning to write, it’s generally more effective to cut down the variables but focusing on melody or on a chord progression first. [Read more…]

Notable Jazz Guitarists

The topic of who is and who isn’t a jazz guitarist always sparks some controversy. From my point of view, a jazz guitarist follows a tradition beginning with Charlie Christian, Freddie Green, Django Reinhardt, Eddie Lang and others. [Read more…]

Jazz Guitar Tab

Tablature, or Tab for short, has been a mixed blessing and a curse. The real benefit of tab is getting some insight into where a guitar player played a theme or a riff. If tab actually provided a fingering, it would serve a reasonably good purpose. [Read more…]

Jazz Guitar Scales

The term “Jazz Scales” is somewhat misleading. There are no scales that have exclusive use in jazz. But there are scales which are so commonly used in jazz as to make their study valuable to the jazz musician. [Read more…]