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  • A “Frankenstein” Formula for my preferred guitar tone you can use to jazz-up your sound today.
  • unlock-bookletBONUS: You’ll get a free copy of my ebook “Unlocking The Guitar”, a 10 step program for finally learning and mastering the notes on the guitar fingerboard.

GibsonL5-GoldCutawayMy “Street Theory” style of teaching simplifies jazz into something any dedicated guitar player can eventually master (you don’t need to read music or have any advanced training to get started).

Guitarists “in the know” understand that it doesn’t matter if you are playing jazz, progressive, fusion, or even metal, jazz guitar can help you express yourself better through more musical solos, chord variety, and more. If you have ever felt “lost in the changes” or frustrated with your lack of improvisational skills then these free jazz guitar lessons are the best place to start improving your skills.

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