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Chuck Anderson is one of the busiest and most successful private teachers in the world. Teaching, researching and consulting, he has built an educational practice of international proportions. Students from four states travel weekly to his teaching studio to find what they have never been able to find from any other teacher.

Chuck is a relentless researcher and has developed some of the most revolutionary concepts to help students develop their talent and find their own direction. Many of these concepts have been developed into books and DVDs. Recently, Chuck began to develop his on line teaching program through Skype.

chuckHis track record of creating successful students is impressive. Some of them are Michael Sembello, a mega successful songwriter and guitarist with phenomenal credentials. Mike went directly from his studies with Chuck to working with Stevie Wonder at the age of 19. After seven years with Stevie, Michael created, sang, arranged and played on the chart topping “Maniac” from the film “Flashdance”. His credits are too numerous to list here but you can visit his website at www.MichaelSembello.com to get a sense of what he has accomplished.

Al Anderson, guitarist with Bob Marley and the Wailers is another alumnus. Allan Slutsky won two Grammy’s for his creating, writing, producing and playing on the famous documentary film “Standing in the Shadows of Motown”.

Other success stories are Arthur Bernstein, head of Paul McCartney’s “Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts”. Bob Miles is a guitarist and host of the popular TV show “Miles of Music”. The list of success stories ranges from successful pro players to owners of music schools to writers and on!

Chuck Anderson began his teaching practice 50 years ago. He was appointed Director of the Medley School of Music in Ardmore, PA at the age of 19. At age 28, he founded his own private music school called Modern Music Studios in Berwyn, PA. This school grew into a staff of 12 outstanding teachers and over 400 students.

Freefall-ChuckChuck lectured for the American Institute for History Education (AIHE) for three years. These lectures addressed the significance and impact of music on American society over five time periods in American history.

As an author and researcher, Chuck has written 17 books on music, creativity and teaching. He has trained countless professional all over the world.

Chuck now focuses exclusively on his private students and consulting practice. He sees students in person at his suburban Philadelphia studio. Skype and on line studies allow Chuck to work with students all over the world. He has students currently enrolled in his program from Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong and all over the United States.

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