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Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.36.34 PMChuck Anderson is currently Head of Music at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), a revolutionary educational institution in the United Kingdom founded under the inspiration and auspices of our lead patron Sir Paul McCartney.

Chuck spent time at LIPA lecturing on Guitar, Composition, Songwriting, Harmony, Music Direction and Music Business as our first Artist in Residence. I can think of no lecturer who has received more critical acclaim from students and more requests to return than he has.

Chuck has an almost singular ability amongst contemporary music educators to balance the relevant academic knowledge with his broad based background as a performer and composer, hands-on practical and business experience which spans 4 decades and in-depth knowledge of a vast range of musical genres.

Most importantly, as students will tell you, he has the “street cred” to back it all up. He has been an inspiration to untold numbers of professional musicians over the years through his teaching, publications, performances, and uncompromising dedication to music and art.

Chuck’s work has received our wholehearted endorsement and shortly after his residency at LIPA, he was nominated to LIPA’s Industry Advisory Board to counsel us on matters relating to the relevancy and content of our teaching and learning programs.

Chuck is the first American nominated to the board and his appointment symbolizes a recognition of that rare combination of qualities which are so difficult to find in contemporary music education.Arthur Bernstein - Head of Music, LIPA

The following E mails were in response to a follow up from Arthur Bernstein, Head of Music at The Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts (LIPA).

Just to say that my tutorial with Chuck was brilliant and I learned a whole lot more about jazz which is what I’m trying to work towards because I’m generally a rock/pop player. These seminars and lectures from outside people are excellent and I eagerly await the next one.Arthur Bernstein - Head of Music, LIPA

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