Clinics, Master Classes and Workshops

Chuck Anderson has presented Clinics & Workshops on a variety of music subjects around the world.


Lectures, clinics, seminars and workshops are available on the following topics:

Exploring the Jazz Guitar

The history, evolution and techniques that make the jazz guitar a unique style.

The Art and Craft of Guitar Fingering

There are six specific motion principles that control connectivity on the guitar. This program analyzes these principles and shows their application to scales, arpeggios. sequences, intervals, melodic playing, improvisation and reading.

Master Picking for Guitar

Picking is one of the most difficult technical problems of the guitar. Many have presumed that alternate picking is the solution to speed. It is not. Ultimately, the picking combinations of down – down, up – up. down – up and up-down will solve the picking decisions critical to technical virtuosity.

Jazz Chords and their Applications

Jazz chords refer to an organized system of advanced chord formations, based upon sets of four strings. It is designed to develop chords that are rarely in the average guitar player’s repertoire.

Chord Substitution

Using chords other than those written, has long been a favorite skill of musicians. The chord substitutions study clearly explains the basis of using one chord instead of or in addition to the chord or chords originally written.

Reading for Guitarists

Guitar players are notorious for their inability to read music. This program creates an approach that has been very successful in teaching guitar players how to read at a professional level. Incorporating the revolutionary Modular Phonetic Rhythm with a creative approach to recognition and fingering, Reading for Guitarists helps guitar players overcome this limitation in their musical skill sets.

Harmonic Analysis

The study of the relationships of chords to chords and their place in the context of the overall tonality.

Mastering the Modes

An in depth study of the famous seven Greek modes and their application in music today.

Song Writing

The song writing lectures are based around an 8 hour video series of mine called “The Songwriter’s Master Classes”. Progressions are broken down into 6 categories of harmonic motion. Melody and Rhythm are also organized with an interactive and creative modular approach.

Careers in Music

The following outlines a seminar on careers in the music industry.

The Business

  • The Music business vs the Star business
  • Income Potential in the Music Business
  • Stability in the Music Business vs Corporate America

Music Education

  • Music College – Yes or No
  • Private Teacher
  • Teacher at a Music Store
  • Teacher at a Music School
  • Teacher at Public or Private School
  • The significance of a music education degree
  • Conducting clinics, master classes and workshops

The Author

  • Instructional Books, CDs, Internet, DVDs
  • Contributing specialized articles to music magazines
  • The Publishing Industry
  • The Musician/Singer
  • The Garage band * The Club band
  • The Outside band * The Pit band
  • The Free Lance player
  • Studio musician
  • Solo musician/singer


  • Writer/Arranger
  • Theme writing
  • Film and TV scores
  • Radio and TV jingles
  • Game music
  • Music for the Internet

Technical Areas

  • Engineer – Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Restoration
  • Producer
  • Live sound and crew
  • Guitar tech
  • Equipment Repair
  • Production specialist
  • Road manager and crew

Music Services

  • Publicist
  • Accountant
  • Entertainment Attorney
  • Personal manager
  • Booking Agent
  • Financial manager

Press and Bookings

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