Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts Student Feedback

Just to say that my tutorial with Chuck was brilliant and I learned a whole lot more about jazz which is what I’m trying to work towards because I’m generally a rock/pop player. These seminars and lectures from outside people are excellent and I eagerly await the next one.Andy Platts, LIPA Student
I found the seminar on Monday with Chuck extremely useful and very interesting. I was most impressed with his approach and overall understanding of teaching, clear and concise. Instead of centering on one stylistic theme, he discussed points relevant to the guitar in general. This is an excellent approach as no one is left feeling excluded due to taste and experience. In the one hour long one on one session, I was given a lot of invaluable pointers and pieces of practical advice on a range of topics. Many thanks.Jim Ellis, LIPA Student
Well, I think these lectures were some of the best lectures here at LIPA so far! I especially liked the Chuck Anderson workshop. It is really good that there is some stuff now for jazz – interested musicians going on! I think Chuck should come back and do a jazz ensemble for a whole semester. That is what everybody in the workshop agreed with !!!Daniel Buttner, LIPA Student
Thank you very much for the seminar with Chuck Anderson last week. I think it is one of the best things that have happened here, for me anyway. I hope we will see more of these things. Thanks.Jonas Lie Theis, LIPA Student
I would like to thank you very much for inviting Chuck Anderson over here, because to me it was very valuable in many ways. Of course, all the material we have been taught will be a great help for understanding and analyzing music, but also I have learned and experienced how understanding and even caring someone with a great personality can be – and in fact, he has encouraged me quite a bit in believing in my own creativity. Thank you again.Karin Rueter, LIPA Student
I was attending the workshop Chuck Anderson did last week and I’d like to thank him again and thank you for inviting him to do that great work. I think we all learned a lot from Chuck. It was fun to play in the canteen and the response from the audience proved that it was well done. I also think that it’s a very good idea to invite music – greats from outside LIPA so that we can learn their approach to music and their inside view of the business. If possible, please continue with that simply because it was very, very good. Thank you.Tilo Pirnbaum, LIPA Student


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Chuck is a premier musician and teacher who enjoys an international reputation for excellence in teaching. He is the author of several publications and is a well known performer with a great deal of experience in virtually all forms of music.Dr. William V. Frabizio Chairman, Arcadia College
Chuck is the teacher and keeper of the knowledge and master of the techniques. Keep passing it on!Michael Sembello, Songwriter/ Producer
Besides being an outstanding musician, Chuck Anderson has developed a worldwide reputation as an innovative music educator. Noted as an author and researcher, he has developed methods and teaching materials which have helped musicians to develop their creative potential. John Marshall, Martin Guitar Company
Chuck has an almost singular ability amongst contemporary music educators to balance the relevant academic knowledge with his broad based background as a performer and composer, hands-on practical and business experience. Arthur Bernstein, Head of Music at LIPA
Chuck Anderson has been a major influence on private music education for over 35 years. Teachers, players, arrangers and songwriters have all benefited from his unique combination of music knowledge, practical street experience and dedication.Gerson Rosenbloom, Medley Music and Former NAAM


Student Testimonials


As a performer, teacher, and student of music I have found Chuck’s Institute of Guitar to be an invaluable resource. The wide array of topics include technical exercises and theoretical explanations for my students, teaching and business tips for myself, and wonderful videos and recordings of Chuck’s trio for any music fan. The Institute contains a wealth of information and continues to grow through the discussion board and Chuck’s blog entries. This is a great way to learn from one of the finest educators I’ve had the pleasure to work with!Mike Oppenheim
I’ve been studying with Chuck for almost 4 years. I honestly didn’t know what I could possibly gain from joining Chuck’s Institute of Guitar that I didn’t already gain via 2 lessons per/week. The Institute of Guitar has proved a valuable tool. I essentially am getting lessons, updates, and music industry on a daily/weekly basis that are not only entertaining; but helpful as well. As an inspiring guitar legend; it only helps my cause…I recommend the Institute to serious guitar players.Spencer Pheil
I highly recommend Chuck’s Institute of Guitar. My name is Gary DiClemente, and I have played and studied the guitar for over 45 years. Throughout these years, I have had the great fortune to utilize many wonderful sources of information and guidance to enhance and develop my musical understanding and performance skills. However, once I met Chuck Anderson, I realized the superior nature of his musical history, his views, his talents, his performance skills, his compositional skills, and most pertinent of all for me, his educational skills. Musically, I have never experienced a vision of this type: Chuck provides a superlative and internationally unique instructional offering. The clarity, the depth, the practicality, and the comprehensiveness of Chuck’s educational materials are unmatched! The resources available via Chuck’s Institute of Guitar are fabulous. As a member, one will find that there are immediately available materials; these materials are coherent, valuable, and musically sound. This is the one place where you will find comprehensive answers to all of your musical needs. The immensity of the information is only surpassed by the quality. New information and resources are updated regularly. I not only recommend Chuck’s Institute of Guitar, I would respectfully suggest you utilize the auto-renewal feature; I doubt anyone would choose to leave such an outstanding opportunity to fully understand his or her guitar.Gary DiClemente
Being a Member of Chuck’s Institute of Guitar is a great opportunity to access all of Chuck Anderson’s many publications and resources. It has provided me a valuable learning tool to increase my understanding of music and the guitar on my own schedule.John G. Braceland
Anybody who is interested in guitar, SHOULD JOIN Chuck’s Institute of Guitar. Chuck’s lessons are so well prepared, and insightful, they completely strip away all the guess work I had with other Instructors.David Hicks
Chuck Anderson’s Institute of Guitar is a valuable resource for guitarists at any level. Chuck’s probably has more experience in helping guitarists in establishing professional music careers and advancing the guitar skills and chops than any other musician I know. Joining Chuck’s Institute of Guitar is one, if not the best investment you can make in getting your music career going.Curt Sheller
As amazing a player as Chuck is, he is an even better teacher! Joining Chuck’s Institute of Guitar is the single best thing a player can do to advance to the next level. For the cost of an ebook or a single lesson, members have access to understandable jazz instruction in a clearly laid out format including technique, theory, exercises and Chuck’s unique perspective on all things jazz. Membership allows you to study Chuck’s books online or print them out and put them in a binder for quick reference during practice sessions or study away from home. Do something rewarding for yourself. Become a member!Ian Mair
Chuck Anderson is a master educator, and joining his Institute is a must for all progressing guitarists. Chuck’s work on educational literature is legendary, beginning with his original editing and publication of the seminal Guitar Lore by Dennis Sandole and on through his several publications on many aspects of musicianship and guitar. His dedication to his students and his success at guiding their development is a subject of amazement by all who know him — and I mean that seriously! And this almost uncanny ability to teach is built on a career in music performance and composition that is of the very highest order. Chuck can do, he can teach — and you can get the benefit of his talent and his dedication to the jazz guitar community — at a reasonable cost too — by joining his Institute of Guitar.Jim Tisdall
My kudo’s to you on establishing your on-line Institute. My playing has improved dramatically thanks to your lessons and examples. One of the great features is the opportunity to “steal” a few grips from you while watching and studying your performances. Good tips, great explanations! Bravo!Rick DiIoia, Dresher, PA
Studying guitar – make that studying music – with Chuck Anderson has been one of the most fulfilling things I have done with my life. Chuck’s brilliance goes way beyond his excellence as a musician. It lies in his unique ability to put both the technical and artistic aspects of playing guitar in an ever-broader context, which has not only increased my playing skill but has helped me appreciate the elegance and power of music. I think that Chuck’s Institute of Guitar would be a great help to any guitarist, no matter how advanced. For me, it is not only a way to get a wealth of practical information and “pro” tips. I think of it as a window through which to view the breadth and beauty of the guitar and guitar music.Richard Komins
I think the Institute of Guitar is a great source of reference material, music, and philosophy. It’s been a great help in establishing my own path in the world of guitar. And it’s certainly been worth the money to me. I feel Chuck’s teaching and writings reflect the insights gained from forty-plus years in the world of guitar. The Institute of Guitar is a terrific way to get an in-depth look at those insights. Thank you, Chuck!Bill Speg